Smith & Abrahams.

Between all the vintage stores, coffee shops and art galleries that are beginning to line Sir Lowry Road in Woodstock is a little corner of old-school rad that is Smith & Abrahams. I went to go talk business with the faces behind the names... View Article

Cover Story.

I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but nothing beats a great book that ALSO happens to be good looking. These covers caught my eye before I turned the first page and luckily, most of them have turned out to be beautiful both inside and outside... View Article

Houses of Oranjezicht.

Last year I moved out of home for the first time. I was lucky enough to land in the beautiful suburb of Oranjezicht - which is the perfect combination of the leafy suburb life i was used to and the cool towny life i was looking for. But one of my favourite parts of living in Oranjezicht is the beautiful homes that can be found on every block. I took a stroll around the neighbourhood and captured my favourite facades, gates and gables. View Article

Campus Style // UCT

I love university campuses! I attended a relatively small advertising school, so big campuses always spark my imagination in a way that is untainted by actually ever having to sit in a lecture hall with thousands of other students.  So you can imagine my excitement when i found myself on UCT upper campus on OPEN DAY! Not only did i get to pretend to be a potential archaeology student while browsing the science hall, but I also got to spot some really great campus style. Check these kids out! View Article


Last night one of my favourite shops in the city turned 10 years old! I've always loved Journey for its whimsical collections, cute accessories and THE SHOES! Some of my most sentimental buys have come from the store and I was happy to be there to celebrate its birthday. Here are a few snaps of the pretty things in(and out)side the store. View Article

Studio Visit // Oh Dear Megan & Famke

If you live in Cape Town and you like pretty things, there's a good chance you've heard of jewellery labels Oh Dear Megan and Famke. The ladies behind the ever-growing brands, Megan Fogarty and Famke Koene, not only share equal amounts of talent and ambition, but they also share a beautiful studio and work space in the heart of the city... View Article

Adderley Street Flower Market.

For over 100 years, the Trafalgar Place flower sellers have been brightening up the heart of the city with their blooms. Open Monday to Saturday, it's the best place to pick up a bunch. From indigenous beauties like Proteas and Strelitzias, to my current favourite Dahlias, they've got it all - by the bucket load! View Article

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