Ma Mére Maison.

Ma Mére Maison (which roughly translates into My Mother's Kitchen) are Cape Town's go-to French Style Confectioners.  Business partners, Lexi Bechet and Di Spicer, have not only perfected more traditional recipes (their fudge is a classic!), but are putting a twist on old favourites with delicious results like mulled cider caramel, maple smoked bacon and salted macadamia nut nougat, olive oil nougat (which is best described as "elegant") and, my personal favourite, Cereal Milk macaroons... View Article

An Honest Video…

The raw truth about chocolate? Most brands are made from roasted cacao, but Honest Chocolate in Cape Town use organic, raw cacao, which is more delicious plus higher in antioxidants, making it even better for you than regular dark chocolate. The founders are Anthony Gird and Michael de Klerk. They were exploring new ideas in chocolate on different sides of the planet when they decided to collaborate and coalesce their delicious ideas into Honest. View Article

Rosehurst – Pietermaritzburg

Recently I was told about this quaint cafe / garden / secondhand shop in Pietermaritzburg called Rosehurst that had an amazing setting I was sure to like. Turns out I did. The garden is currently under repair at the moment with it being winter and although the shop is a bit too much for my taste, the gardens are what make it for me. They just take you away from reality and plonk you right into a fairy tale.

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The Creamery Ice Cream

The Creamery make and sell natural ice cream from ingredients they buy from local family farms. They go to a lot of effort to source ingredients that are grown and produced in a way that is kind to the environment and to animals, at the time of year they are in season and tasting the best. This all results in ice cream that’s pretty damn special!

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