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This flat was my home for 4 years and even though I recently moved into a much smaller place to save some money, I still wanted to share with you the things I love to surround myself with. Mostly all the furniture in my flat are hand me downs or really cheap finds that I have restored and painted.

For the love of Frida and saints with sacred hearts…

My collection of 2nd hand jackets and coats that cannot fit into the wardrobe.

I have two huge pinboards for inspiration. The smaller of the two exclusively reserved for street style images that inspire me, well, a photo of the Big Bang Theory guys and Yokoo in her studio also crept in.

Below a hint of my love for all things Wes Anderson, Jack White and Jason Schwartzman.

For the love of Tretchikof and Vivienne Westwood.

I had these beautiful 3D hearts made at a local wire artist while on holiday in Botswana. The biggest one is 70cm tall.

I love anatomical drawings in every form. My friend Adele found the wonderful laminated man for a steal at Crazy store.

My bedroom looks like an accessory shop. I am surrounded by scarves, brooches, bags and earrings. Having everything on display makes it so much easier to put an outfit together.

My favourite shoes: Colourful sneakers and Docs.

Yes, indeed, another pinboard for more inspiration in the bedroom.

I do enjoy making things with my hands. Some of the things I have made in the recent past: the embroidered tree (which is still suppose to become a brooch), the “Love” plate made from a recycled broken plate and the Red Robbin brooch.

My favourite Buddha, who traveled home with me all the way from the Isle of White, and some of my favourite clutches.


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