Places des Anges – Durban’s Angelic Experience

Not only can I now honestly say I have witnessed angels having a pillow fight, I can proclaim I was anointed with their white duck down feathers as well. If you live in Durban and didn’t head down to City Hall on Saturday night.. you missed out!

The Places des Anges show by Les Studios de Cirque was performance art on another level, literally. Themed acrobats gliding from building to building dumping one and a half tons of feathers for forty-five minutes was an extravaganza myself and the Durban masses are sure never to forget. Hopefully these images recapture the experience for those present and tell the story accurately for those who missed out.


6 thoughts on “Places des Anges – Durban’s Angelic Experience

  1. Wow wow wow Tyrone Bradley. These images are incredible. Sad to have missed it but thank you for capturing it for me! love you work mister. i know you’l always win ;) xx

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