Cable Stealing Gypsies

I just recently interviewed one of Johannesburg’s up and coming bands called Cable Stealing Gypsies. All i’m saying is If you haven’t heard them, you should. If you haven’t seen them live, you should. If you haven’t had them on repeat in iTunes, you should (you can download their album for free off Soundcloud, just click here).

So without further adue, here is Cable Stealing Gypsies….

Name of your band and it’s members and how long have you been a making music?   We are Cable Stealing Gypsies and are a band of men with beards (pretty much the complete flipping opposite of a boy band). These are the men and this is what they do: Tyler Morrison – guitar and vocals, Warwick Rautenbach – guitar, Chris Watt-Pringle – bass, Allessandro Benigno – drums. Tyler, Chris and Warwick started the band about two years ago and got our drummer Alex on board about a year ago.

Where are you guys based?   We are a Joburg based band.

Who writes all the songs or is it a collaborative effort?   It’s definitely a collaborative thing. We’re really fortunate that all of us, although we have completely different music tastes, are on the same page when it comes to writing our own music. We usually just jam and we’ll stop at some point and go “whoah, what the hell was that? Do it again, do it again!”. We’re like a a bunch of kids with really loud toys when we’re coming up with new material. We love playing our rock n roll.

Who designed your cd cover? I love it. It belongs in the 80′s when rock ‘n roll was crazy and definitely not full of bands that demanded special spring water and purple jellybeans in their backstage room.   Haha, excellent. That’s pretty much what we were going for. Two good friends of ours, Jana and Koos had a listen to our music and saw us live and decided that our music was the audio version of T#ts and #ss, and they designed and shot the album cover accordingly. They did the shoot with a phenomenal photographer, Sacha Waldman and we are super stoked with how it came out. Its definitely made for ogling.

How many albums do you have and which song, to date is the one that you will always remember as being your favorite?   We have one album out at the moment. Its a self titled, live debut album. We recorded it in one day and in one take, so theres no fancy production and its us in our rawest form. Damn, Favorite song is a tough one. We change our minds about that weekly and especially when we’re writing new stuff but if theres been one constant, we guess it’d be a track called “Watercolouredskulls”. Its good ol’ bad ass rock n roll at its best.

Who are some of your musical influences and if you could share a stage with anyone, who would it be?   We all have quite different tastes in music but we’re all rock n rollers at heart. A ‘couple’ of influences include : Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, White Stripes, Bloc Party, Queens of the Stone age, Linkin Park, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, The Foo Fighters, the Prodigy, Justice, Civil Civic, Death from Above 1979, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Sprinbok Nude girls, Bob Marley, Arcade Fire, White rose Movement, and and and… Jack White would be an amazing artist to perform with. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right.

Other than being in an awesome band, what other cool stuff are you guys up to?   We love watching bands, Going to festivals, dancing to rock n roll, design, weird art, running barefoot in the nature, collecting old crap, making out with girls, road trips with pals. Then again, who the hell doesn’t like all those things? What are you? Some kind of crazy human?

Last question, how on earth do you all have such magnificent facial hair? You’re all man-witches aren’t you?!    Our beards actually started the band and then reluctantly let us join later. They’re the real talent in Cable Stealing Gypsies.

* If you are in Cape Town at the end of December, you can catch them on tour.

Check out all their web Platforms here:



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