Topshop South Africa is here

Topshop has just opened up in Sandton City and it is full of lovely lovely things that will make you want to take on a second job so that you can shop there all the time.

I went in the other day and took some photos of the inside, if any of you guys are in Joburg you should definitely pop in and do your wardrobe a favour.

There are lots of studs and jewels and lace and denim and shiny things all over the place, it’s quite a feast for the eyes. And boys it’s just as nice for you (minus the lace, jewels and shiny things) – hooray!






6 thoughts on “Topshop South Africa is here

  1. Hello, I am so thrilled by this, this is a big milestone.

    Just a curious question, how much was this franchise or can you give an estimate. I wanna dream more…lol


    I will be expecting your reply


  2. Good Day

    I am currently a 3rd year student at the Durban University of Technology studying Clothing Management , I would just like to know if Topshop offers any internship and if so how do I go about applying for one

    Yours Faithfully
    Loxie Denant

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