Sindiso Khumalo

My friend Anthea posted a link about this particular designer and I thought I would go check her out and ask her a few questions about herself and her beautiful collection. Sindiso’s clothing is fresh, bright and effortless and it was really nice to get to know her a bit better over e-mail.

- SINDISO KHUMALO is a womenswear brand with a strong focus on contemporary textile print design. The brand combines bold African graphics with a sophisticated minimalist construction. The concept behind SINDISO KHUMALO is based on how the fashion textiles industry can create new possibilities and future collaborations between Africa and the global fashion environment.

How long have you ben designing for? I have been designing for over over ten years, as I started my career working with the architecture and interiors environment.  I have only started designing clothes for the last 6 months.

Was it something you fell into or have you always had a passion for clothing? I have been sewing clothes since I was about 11. My mother used to make her own clothes, and my grandmother used to sew, knit and crochet everything for her children. My mother often tells me stories on how my grandmother used to make them their “Sunday Best”, and design, sew and crochet everything from the outfits down to their socks. On my fathers side, my father was an engineer and so is my brother. I guess we are a family of makers, it runs in our blood.

Where did you study? I did my bachelors degree at the University of Cape Town and my Masters Degree at Central St Martins in London.

Where are you based? I’m based in both Johannesburg and London.

Who or what are some of the things that influenced your current collection? My collection is heavily influenced by Zulu beadwork and my travels through Durban street markets. I am hugely obsessed with indeginious forms of craft and making. I believe we can learn a lot through old ways of making.

If someone has never seen your clothing before how would you describe your aesthetic? “Afro Bauhaus gone Pop”

Do you often wear your own clothing? This is my first collection and I have some pieces I have my eye on. Because they are such expensive pieces in such luxury fabrics, I believe I need to exercise some self restraint. But if the collection goes well, and my sales drive works as planned, I will definitely treat myself with some Sindiso Khumalo pieces.

Where can one buy your pieces? My debut collection will be available at Merchnats on Long in Cape Town, please check out their blog and website for more details.



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