I’m a sock person. So when I met Alison and she told me that she and a friend were starting a bespoke sock company I got really, really excited…

What is FEAT.? FEAT. is a collaborative project between Chelsey and Alison, in which they create beautiful/handsome, quality socks.

Why socks? Socks are a necessity in everyone’s wardrobe, why not pay as much attention to them as people do the rest of their clothing? The two of us have always had a soft spot for socks, and decided to take our obsession with them further.

What does your favourite pair of socks look like? Chelsey: anything sheer and glittery. Alison: chunky, warm, winter, foot-jerseys

Socks and Sandals. Yay or Nay? Depends on the sock, depends on the sandal. We advocate chunky wedges and delicate socks, but stay away from socks with crocs, slops or strops.

Who wears the socks in the relationship? Being friends since childhood makes it easier to share responsibilities and we naturally take on different roles that reflect our personalities and strengths. When faced with different tasks, we allocate them respectively if the sock fits.

Which South African blogger would you want to wear your socks and why? We follow Miss Moss and would love to see her in a pair of our lilac and lemon kitty-face socks. We know she has an affection for fun prints and colour.

Where do you get your design inspiration from? We draw inspiration from a number of sources, mostly beautiful things we come across on the internet, and overarching trends. The limitations we face from our manufacturers often influence our designs, but it’s great to be challenged to create something lovely despite these limitations.

What was the last thing that rocked your socks off? Alison: I found out the other day I’m really good at putt putt. I beat Colin Montgomery (famous golf person), not the real one but a talented putter. Chelsey: I babysat a kid who drank his own urine, needless to say, socks were rocked. I wasn’t even mad, I was impressed!

If you could design a pair of fantasy socks, what would they look like? Don’t get us started. We’ve conceptualised ranges of super socks; including, socks that allow you to walk on water, over hot coals and defy gravity. They come in an array of coloured dragon scales and phoenix feathers.

Where can we buy a pair of FEAT.? FEAT. socks range from R55 to R70 when bought from us directly via our website, Facebook or at the ‘You, Me and Everyone We Know’ night market this Friday at the Labia on Orange. In addition, they will soon be available at Shelf Life on Loop Street and in various other retailers across Cape Town.

Thanks for letting me take pictures of your feet Alison & Chelsey! 


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