The Expressionist | Video & Photo Montage for 2012

So today wasn’t the end of the world but by the way people are going on about it, I kind of wish it were. In any event, 2012 was a whole new world for me (cue Aladdin music featuring Peabo Bryson). In December of last year I bought a camera and just started shooting anything and everything and I’m elated to say it’s lead me to where I am right now, a full year later. My journey on It’s What I’m Into has been quite a ride and I’m looking forward bigger and better content in 2013. I hope you’ll all join me. Here is a video montage I compiled last night with some of the work I did in 2012 as well as some sneak peek footage of content coming in 2013. Thank you all for your support, criticism and everything inbetween, here’s to a “bigger, better and badder” new year.

The Expressionist in 2012 from Anthony Bila on Vimeo.


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