Book of the Week: Roman and Williams part one

In 2004 Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch closed their set design and production office in Los Angeles and opened Roman and Williams in New York City. They are a married team who work together designing buildings and interiors from scratch. Their process is incredibly personal and every single detail is considered and custom made - they are what they make.

the Ace Hotel (and it’s restaurants) on the corner of Broadway and West 29th Street.  RS: We did the Ace at a time when culture was shifting. It is not so much about a glamorous veneer as it is about an authenticity that is spontaneous, unselfconscious and improvised. The narrative is about freedom, the idea that you can trash the place, that it’s anti-designed.

The Standard Hotel. RS: We were following our own instincts. We’ve always been interested in early modernism, before it became too distilled and lost a sense of detailing and materiality. We wanted to be at a standard that felt glamorous and sexy, crafted, refined and not at all kitsch. We envisioned an aura of timelessness that was not weighted down with memory.


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