4 Blind Mice

While I was visiting Port Elizabeth in January I had the honour of meeting the 4 Blind Mice. 4 Blind Mice are a visual art collective established in 2010. The members met at NMMU while majoring in printmaking and illustration. Current members are Christo “Silver” Booth, Monde “Wasted” Goniwe, Ryan “Sanjeev” Allan, Andy Higgins, and Mawande Mase, all focusing primarily on illustration.

These guys are seriously talented. Get on it and start commissioning some work. To boot, they all have a good sense of humour and had me in stitches for the full two hours that I was visiting them. It was so much fun!

Their studio is at 2 Millbrook, Havelock Sqaure, Central, Port Elizabeth. You can contact them at 4blindmce@gmail.com or find them here on Facebook.


Here follows some of their original work by artist:

Andy Higgins



Skater Days


Christo Booth

Silver Boxer


Silver Flying Head


Mawande Mase

Butcher Mouse Man


Kitana Mouse Princess


Monde Goniwe

Angels and Demons




Ryan Allan

Circus Act


This is Sanjeev




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