House Call: Charl Edwards.

CONFESSION: I have a major crush on Charl Edwards. A true gentleman with great hair, Charl is one of my favourite people to bump into around town. Always impeccably colour coordinated, he breathes style – and his apartment is the perfect extension of that. We got together on Valentine’s Day to chat about aesthetics, being a twin and his fantasy dinner party guest list.

Describe your home in 2 words.

Organised chaos.

We chatted about how you think being a twin might have influenced your aesthetic. Can you explain?

When we were very young, my mom dressed me and my twin brother identically, which must have had an impact on our own sense of aesthetic, and the way we relate to objects. Being a twin you’re always one half of a grouping – or a “curated” pair, as silly as it sounds. This explains my constant need to group, organize and categorize things. So whenever I find something I like, I’d take it home and group it with something that’s similar in vibe. I guess it’s just a crazy and innate habit of mine.

What was your first collection? 

LEGO – all colour–coded of course!

You just celebrated a birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) If you could receive any present for your home, what would it be? 

Oooooooh, definitely Studiomama’s Mobile Kitchen.

How did the time you spent working for Elle Decoration influence your interior design?
It made me embrace my eccentric hoarding and collecting tendencies. I think that’s what sets the interiors and spaces featured in ELLE apart from other décor mags – they feel more personal and honest, and slightly eccentric, which has always been their trademark.

You’re throwing a fantasy dinner party at your dining room table for 4. Who do you invite? 

Tina Fey, Meryl Streep and One-eyed Jack (my neighbours cat and future Youtube sensation)

You clearly have a thing for maps. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why. 


Any home confessions? 

My clothes are all colour-coded in my cupboard.


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