Sonia Dearling

Tell us a bit about yourself…  I’m actually 21 (born and bred in the capital) and currently studying design as my second major at The Open Window. Last year I majored in illustration and fell in love with it. This year I’m doing a lot more freelancing work and fun projects to keep my illustration alive and kicking. I’m also a big language fan; I think its important to keep learning in other fields; so after Italian- in the past two years I’ve been devoting my time to studying German.

Where are your favourite places to visit and eat at in Pretoria?…  To be honest I’d usually drive through to Jo Burg if I’m looking to do something really interesting, but in Pretoria I mostly hang around coffee shops like Vovo Tello or Tribeca or just generally anywhere in the Brooklyn Design Square. Usually I’d just follow the crowd and participate in any cool exhibitions, markets, festivals or events I hear about.

Top 5 artists/designers that you love?…  Its very hard to narrow down 5 designers/illustrators that I love because I know that in two days I would choose 5 totally different ones. But if I had to choose right here, right now: Black Koki, Stacey Rozich, Bill Connors, Jason Jägel and I am; and will forever be; a serious Basquiat fan.

What are you working on at the moment and what are your plans for the future?…  Lize-Marie Dreyer (friend and fellow illustrator) and I are actually working on a super exciting project at the moment which we plan to exhibit in a few months- so watch this space. Otherwise the future is more open than it’s ever been for me at the moment. Currently I’m just embracing the opportunity to choose the projects I want to do, collaborate with some up and coming talent and to create some really fresh work. I would however be thrilled to work in the South African creative industry or even overseas at some point.

See Sonia’s Behance profile here, or contact her at 


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