Smith & Abrahams.

Between all the vintage stores, coffee shops and art galleries that are beginning to line Sir Lowry Road in Woodstock is a little corner of old-school rad that is Smith & Abrahams. I went to go talk business with the faces behind the names…

Who are Smith & Abrahams? 

Smith & Abrahams General Dealers & Mens outfitters ( S & A) is Anthony Smith and Bradley Abrahams’ tribute and update to the idea of the men’s outfitters that were a mainstay of the retail space in Woodstock Cape Town going back to the early 20th century.

S & A follows the design philosophy behind 2Bop (their own clothing brand) which they term as future nostalgia. The phenomenon of encountering something of quality and value in the present that one knows one will look back fondly and cherish in the future.

Anthony and Brad found the local Cape Town retail space lacking in quality and the unusual and set out to create the store equivalent of an imaginary friend, something that they both wish existed filled with pieces and brands that they personally value and want to share with the Cape Town.

Where do you source your stock from?  

Ant: We produce 2bop ourselves, made in Cape Town.

Brad: We are always looking for interesting stock locally and internationally… it’s a constant search.

What’s your favourite item in the store right now?  

A: A pocket companion to books from the simpsons and our new fauxstrich 5 panel.

B: Nike Lunarflow Woven Tier Zero and some Wesley Willis prints.

2bop is known for its rad collaborations with local artists and designers (your latest being illustrator, ninjabreadboy). If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

A: Jim philips, his work is classic and brings back memories of learning to kickflip. The board would land upside down with his graphics side up reminder you that you got it wrong and the satisfaction of eventually getting it right.

B: Hiroshi Fujiwara or Rick Klotz.

Who should shop at Smith & Abrahams?

A: We’re a general dealer so anybody who appreciates good sneakers, 2bop and magazine fiends.

B: Anyone who feels a bit lost or suicidal when wondering the badlands of Canal Walk.

How’s Woodstock treating you?

A: She’s been kind to us overall with the odd life lesson here and there.

B: She’s a moody one …pretty decently until a recent break-in.

What’s on the Smith & Abrahams playlist?

A: Black vulcanite, old jungle and garage.

B: Napalm Death discography and Trojan Rocksteady Boxset.

Any future plans for a girls line?

A: We’ve been harassed for years to do a 2bop girls line , but i think theres a bigger chance of us bringing in some ladies items to smith and abrahams than us doing a girls line

B: I am so terrified of delving into female attire … it’s a dark scary web of evil (lol). Best we can offer is an XS and a set of scissors with a healthy dose of imagination on the clients part

Thanks Ant & Brad! 


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