Keepthrift is a cool local online store that stocks all sorts of vinatge finds and classics. From accessories to dresses to jackets to jerseys to pants to shirts to shoes to skirts to shorts to skirts and it’s run by the nicest girls. Here is a peak at their latest shoot that showcases some of the once-off gems that they have up for sale.

1. What is Keepthrift and where are you based? Borne of a fondness for peculiar accessories, quirky finds and whimsical vintage clothing, the idea for Keepthrift began in 2011 and became a blog ‘store’ in 2012. Keepthrift offers the customer the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind item, a treasured piece from a bygone era, and some ideas of how to style these elements in an contemporary way. We are based in Cape Town but travel to Durban a few times a year.

2. Who is part of the Keepthrift team and how many people are out and about looking for pieces to add to your collection? The team is made up of myself (Gabrielle Akal) and Lori-Rae van Laren. We are both responsible for looking out for pieces to add to the collection.

3. Where do you guys source your stuff from? Unfortunately, that’s a secret! But we buy mostly from Durban.

4. Do you stock any stores or do you just sell stuff online?  At the moment we are only selling online, but we’d love to eventually stock stores or have our own space.

5. Do you battle to let go of certain vintage pieces? Very much so! We are both so into vintage and second hand clothing ourselves that there have been many times when we’ve wanted to keep something for ourselves and we’ve had to undergo the moral dilemma of what to do with the piece. Most of the time we part with them, but sometimes we just can’t. We’ve even tried splitting our shopping trips into those for ourselves and those for Keep, but that was unsuccessful. We just ended up shopping for Keep anyway!

6. How many times do you update your site with new stock? We try to post up to three new items a week.

7. What is the most valuable piece you have found? I once picked up a Dior clutch for 2 rond, I was very chuffed with myself. We once found a Victoria’s Secret camisole made from 100% pure silk for R3; it wasn’t in the best condition however, so we’re now attempting to make headbands out of the fabric. We couldn’t let it go to waste.



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