Tyler Dolan: Walking the Streets

“All city’s have many sounds and many different kinds of people. This project was about photographically documenting the different traditions and cultures that reside on the streets of Durban. We are all connected by the street. The moving of light through pathways is like the movement of our eyes that follow down alleyways’ as we drive through the city. We see the street people, we think we know where they come from but we truthfully don’t. This project is about showcasing these people living their lives. This project is my photographic documentation of Durban and its surrounding townships. The following captions are snippets from a book that I am currently trying to get published on this work and my adventures on the streets and townships of Durban.”

“This first image is a dedication to Archie Mathews. This man was someone who I met on the streets of Durban ( Sydney Road) and who then took me into the homes of his family and friends in the townships surrounding Durban. Archie Mathews stayed as my guide for a couple of months. As I walked across the road and came near the woman a man by the name of Archie spoke up.”Hey boy, what do you want?”I turned and looked at the man.”Yebo Sawabona.” was my response, I then explained that I was doing a project on South African culture and his eyes opened up, “Mama get your shop ready the boy wants to take photos.”The lady’s shop was a few round silver pots boiling pieces of pig for her customers.”

“The promise of an African slaughter has become a rumour to my ears yet Archie insists that this time I will be able to get my chance to document it. It’s a strange concept, wanting to document a slaughter but there is a magical aspect to it I believe. To be able to earn the trust of a community so much that they allow you to come into their home and document their traditions that is magical to me. As I have been taken out of my comfort zone in order to pursue this book, so have the people been, allowing me into their homes, giving a complete stranger glimpses into the most intimate moments of their lives can be no easy feat.”

See more of Tyler’s work on his website: http://www.tylerdolan.co.zahis Behance page: http://www.behance.net/tylerdolan his Tumblr http://tylerdolan.tumblr.com and follow him on Facebook.



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