Converse: The Get Dirty Party by Anthony Bila…

Being dirty never felt this good. I was invited by Converse to the Get Dirty party this past weekend in Newtown, Johannesburg South Africa.

I have to say, it’s probably the best party I’ve attended (to date) this year. There were swings, bumper cars and bands. Things went from good clean fun to dirty very quickly and what better way to get dirty than with a pair of your favourite pair of converse sneakers? My favourite bands included an “ALL STAR”  (See what I did there?) lineup with Matthew Mole’s and his whimsical boyish charm, Zebra & Giraffe as well as the all new BLK JKS who rocked out in a way only they could do. Shadow Club shut it down with a performance that got people dancing all kinds of dirty, in a good or bad way, depending on your perspective.

Big ups to Converse for a great party! Take a look-see at some of my favourite photos from the party below and tell me what the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done is? Article and pics by Anthony Bila.


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