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So every month I’m going to be sharing the little pips of wonder I’ve seen/found on the world wide watermelon. Here’s what’s on my radar for January. Enjoy!

The Pleasure Seekers:

The Pleasure Seekers were an all-girl garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan. One of the first all-girl groups to be signed to a major label, original band members Suzi and Patti Quatro were only 15 and 17, respectively, at the time of their first record. Their take-no-prisoners sound proves that girl power was alive and kicking long before the Spice Girls rolled around.

Claire & Virginie Courtin-Clarins

Heiresses to the Clarins skin-care company, Claire and Virginie are fast becoming streetstyle favourites. Their unique, but complimentary style makes them the best sister style act since Mary-Kate and Ashley.

 Miss Moss on Instagram: 

You follow her blog, you follow her tumblr, you probably follow her on twitter and now you can follow her on Instagram! Miss Moss’ instagram follows in a tradition of great aesthetics and features all the things we’ve come to love about her blog – great taste, great fashion, great design and great food. Except this time, you get to see it all through the eyes of Miss Moss herself.

Santiago Salvador: 

I fell in love with the wonderful world of Santiago Salvador the moment I landed on his Flickr page. Take a trip.


Jil Sander Spring 2012.

From the runway, to street style, to editorial – paisley is EVERYWHERE. Try as I might, I am yet to find the perfect pattern, but I shall persist on my path to paisley perfection! (As you can see, my search for paisley has clearly driven me insane).


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