Kim Longhurst

Tell us a bit about yourself…
Durban born and raised minus a few formative years in the Eastern Cape and London.
I studied Graphic Design at what is now the DUT.
I am a maker- I make pictures, ideas, products, jewellery, ceramics, embroideries and a mean banana cake.
I have a strange and arcane knack for collage and gift wrapping. I have a blog and I am one half of The Curators of Contemporary Craft  alongside the other half Scott Robertson.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am collaborating with Rhenda of iKhaya on many splendid things for her store.
I am collaborating with Jane du Rand on many large and magnificent mosaic panels.
I am finishing up my NORDIC LOVE series.
I am preparing for a solo exhibition (with some collaborators) We are not Animals. We are not Dogs.

How would you describe your style?
Naive. Folk Art. Thoughtful. Experimental. Evolving.

Top 5 artists that you love?
Eek, only 5! (Some of these are artists but in a different light)
Conrad Botes
Hanneke Benade
Vivienne Westwood
Sibella Court
Candy Jernigan

Do you collect anything?
I collect milk glass, vintage celluloid dolls and rattles, bisque Frozen Charlottes, matryoshka, kokeshi, Virgin Mary statuettes, ceramic Bambi’s Swans & Bunnies, vintage English jet jewellery, enamelware, magazines and books, old plastic crackerjack charms, Maneki Neko, very old postcards, Mexicana

What’s on your wish list?
Point of lay chickens

Where is your ultimate travel destination?

Where are your favourite places to visit and eat at in Durban?
The Cake & Satay House
The Mayflower

Where can people buy your work?
Directly from me or at iKhaya 435 Windemere Road Durban.


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