Timothy Adam Maynard is a 26 year old bag maker from Portland, Oregon. He’s spent the last few months in Cape Town doing an artist residency with A Word of Art in Woodstock. Home to a once thriving textile industry, Woodstock provided the perfect playground for Adam, who spent his time sourcing local fabrics and making one-of-a-kind bags. I caught up with Adam at the Woodstock Industrial Centre to find out a bit more about the man behind the craft…

Model: Ashleigh-Jane Denton. Clothes: Babette. Photos: Kate Desmarais.

Hi Adam! Tell us a bit about what you do… I design and manufacture backpacks which I sell under the label TimAdam, ie. my first and second name. I primarily use canvas and some synthetic fabrics to create quality bags with a simple classic look.

How did you get in to making bags? I was introduced to the world of textiles while living in Columbus, Ohio where I found a job cutting fabric for a bag maker. After two months of cutting I started getting on the sewing machine at the end of the day and teaching myself how to sew. Within a few months I was doing full production and stayed on for two years before deciding to move to Portland, Or. In Portland I continued with sewing by working for a sail maker. I started designing backpacks at home and sold them to friends and through word of mouth for about a year until it took off and I was able to quit my job and make bags full-time.

If you were a backpack what would you look like? It’s hard to visualize myself as a backpack, but if i were a backpack I would look simple. Probably a large bucket bag with an exterior pocket and a nice cotton liner that’s soft to the touch.

You’ve spent the last month or so in Cape Town. How has the city inspired you? I’ve spent the last two months in Cape Town, completely enveloped by the beauty and vibrance of the land and the people. I feel inspired to work hard at what I love to do so that I may come back again.

If you could take your backpack anywhere in the world where would it be? I would start with India, but I wouldn’t want to stop there.

What sort of person do you have in mind when you are making a bag? I don’t really think about any sort of person when I’m making a bag. I just focus on the bag and hope that someone likes it enough to purchase it.

If you had to pack a bag for a desert island, what 5 items would you put in it? 

If I had to pack a bag for a desert island I would take the following five items:

very large book
sling shot

exciting, i know.

What’s in your backpack right now? A book, sun cream, notepad and pen, iPod, shorts, towel, water bottle. All the essentials for a nice day at the beach.

To order a backpack or for more information visit the TIMADAM website.


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