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There are so many new places popping up around town, it’s often hard to keep track! One of the newer kids on the block is Hawks & Hounds, a little hidden treasure on Long St. I caught up with owner, Jana Kleyn and asked her a few questions about the crepe business.

What is Hawks & Hounds? Hawks & Hounds is a coffee shop, creperie and a late night watering hole on Long Street that Daniel Holland (my boyfriend) and I started.

Why crepes? Because they are delicious! They are fun to make and versatile with sweet and savory fillings. It’s also a fairly new concept in Cape Town.

How would you describe H&H’s decor? Mix and match – with lots of vintage collectibles - especially all the pictures on the wall. Otherwise fun and quirky – anything that caught my eye really!

Where did the name come from? I wish I could say there was a deeper meaning behind it, other than we thought it sounded pretty cool!

What’s been the biggest challenge with starting your own restaurant? Um… starting our own restaurant! haha. Well I’ve been completely thrown into the deep end! I had no idea how to run a business properly 3 months ago – Dan has had some experience with Yours Truly – so I received many a ‘memo’ from him.

What’s your favourite thing on the menu? That’s a toss up between the Nutella crepe and The Greek (salami,feta,avo,tomato and rocket) and of course The Bone Crusher!

How do you feel H&H adds to the Long St culture? We like to think that we keep it fresh like many other spots on Long- adding some originality and not sticking to preconceived notions of a ‘coffee shop set-up’. We also like to add beauty to our street and create a vibe!

You’re open till 2am, do things tend to get more interesting after midnight? Yes they do! We’re one of the only spots in the area that stay open until 2am, so there is quite a buzz! It seems to turn into a bar at night – which is rad.

Visit Hawks & Hounds, 10am till 2am at 263 Long Street, Cape Town.


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