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I’m sure a lot of you are already avid readers of Between 10and5. For those of you who are not, Between 10and5 (or 10and5 as it is commonly known by fans) was created in 2008 by friends Johann Schwella and Uno de Waal. It was also my first blogging gig! Since its inception, 10and5 has grown from a local design platform to one of South Africa’s largest creative showcases that features the work of our country’s most exciting talent. From advertising and graphic design to fine art, photography and fashion, if you’re looking for a good dose of local inspiration 10and5 should be your first port of call. I chatted to Editor, Alix-Rose Cowie, about her day job, young creatives, how to beat haters and the pros and cons of being a blogger.

Am I Collective

Tell us a bit about your day job? In short, most days my job includes running the content on 10and5, writing the posts, reading tons of emails, going through a LOT of design portfolios, watching ads and managing our social media. Basically living online. Other days I get to join real life and attend events like Design Indaba, Toffie, store openings and product launches in order to write about them later. I also organise our own 10and5 events.

Chris Saunders

What is your favourite part about being editor for 10and5? My most favourite moments are when people get back to me after we’ve featured them to say they’ve gotten a good response. Either a bunch of hits on their site or a freelance job or a request to exhibit.

Chris Auret

Best/Worst blogger gift ever received? The best was definitely an all expenses paid trip to the states, I got to spend some time in New York which I’ve spent my entire life daydreaming about. Worst was a bottle of warm beer and a plastic eyeball.

Nadia du Plessis

You were recently sent to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show by FordSA, what was the experience like? It was wow! Ford really know how to put on a show and I came back reeling with new information. They sent 10and5 along with over 140 other blogs/websites from all over the world so I got to spend 3 days with people who do what I do in their own countries. Learning how they run their sites was invaluable.


Which young local talent do you have your eye on for 2012? I’ve recently come across the photographer Brian Molepo who I’m very excited to see more of.

Brian Molepo

What is your advice for young creatives who want to get noticed? Do proactive work and put it online! (but not on facebook). Start a website or even just a blog as a way to get your work out there. Or send us an email ;)

Kirsten Sims

What, in your experience, is the best way to deal with online “haters”? Ignore. The things haters say tell you more about themselves than about who they’re hating on.

Rikus Ferreira

You get a lot of submissions, how do you select the work that makes it on to the site? Since the start, 10and5′s philosophy has been if it’s local and creative then we’ll feature it, and let our readers tell us what they think. This year we’re editing more heavily. Featured work has to tick one of four boxes, it must either be of great quality, be interesting, be relevant or spark conversation.


10and5 has thrown some pretty cool parties/exhibitions/events in the past, what do we have to look forward to this year? Thanks! We’ll be throwing our annual ‘get together’ bash over the Loeries weekend, when the industry is in town. We’re also working on an exhibition project that will involve up and coming photographers in a way you haven’t seen them before.

10and5 Loeries Party 2011 by Lauren Waller

If you’d like to see your work featured on Between 10and5, drop them an email on


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