House Call: Malibongwe Tyilo

Malibongwe Tyilo (also know as Skattie_What) is the creator and photographer behind local street style blog Skattie What Are You Wearing. The same wit that can be found in his candid street style shots and unbridled social commentry can be found in the Sea Point apartment he shares with his partner, artist Athi-Patra Ruga and their two (very camera friendly) cats. I visited Mali on Sunday and this is what I found.


4 thoughts on “House Call: Malibongwe Tyilo

  1. Skattie, I love what you have done. Your Russian White Poppet, is the mother of my beautiful Russian Black female BiDi. BiDi is short for Black Diamond. She was born to Poppet in December 2009.
    Will we see you and Poppet at some shows? I see you also have a little Russian Blue kitty! Russians are super super cats, I own 3 Russians. 2 Black, BiDi and Marmite and also Danya who is a Russian Blue. All bred by Leanne. So guess what? We are family!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day Skattie and hopefully we get to meet you very soon.

    Solveig (Solly)

  2. Hi Solly, thank you. So good to hear and we love Leanne for the work she does, they really are the most awesome cats, actually just last night Athi and I were talking about getting a Russian Black to complete our little feline family. I spoke to Leanne this morning and yes we will be doing the May show, not with Poppet though but with the Blue boy. I look forward to meeting you there.

  3. Hello Skattie Mali, that is just so so so good to hear that you will be showing. Really looking forward to meeting you Athi and little Blue boy. I will be showing BiDi and Marmite, my blue boy Danya is a nightmare! Will bring wine and snacks so we can really enjoy the show. Have always done that at Johannesburg cat shows, ask Leanne, I was well known there for the Russian Blacks, Russians in general and food and wine at cat shows, ha ha ha. We moved from Bedfordview to Franschhoek in November last year, so life for me here is a little different as well as the shows in the Cape. Give your Poppet a girly kiss from me and her daughter BiDi, and give little boy a gentle head butt to say heya from me too. Really looking forward to meeting you guys! xxxxx

  4. Oh yes one more thing, you won’t be sorry to get a Russian Black, they are magical. They are sweet and flirty clowns. My heart has been stolen by the Russian Blacks. Saskia in Natal and Alma in Gauteng are the two gals that breed the Blacks. Pippi is the twin sister to BiDi, another Poppet baby, who belongs to Alma and Magic is Pippi’s daughter who belongs to Saskia but she is still a baby and will only be ready for mating I think towards the end of the year. Sep/Oct. So lets see what happens, but you can chat to Leanne because she is in contact with both breeders anyway.
    Chat soon, are you on Facebook? Can I befriend you?????

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