Skinny Laminx Flower Dreams at Space for Life

Heather Moore, creator of Skinny Laminx, has designed a floral-inspired fabric collection entitled Flower Dreams.  I attended the launch last week at Space for life in Cape Town.

The sophisticated, feminine palette of pinks, plums, lemons and humbugs that make up Flower Dreams can be used to create a range of moods flowing effortlessly from a little girl’s bedroom to a folk-inspired boudoir. And despite launching in Autumn, this flower-themed collection definitely has the breath of Spring in its step.

On Space for Life: Part of the Space for Life philosophy and mission is to support and create opportunities for local designers, artists and crafters to showcase their work. We combine locally designed and manufactured fabrics, art and craft with the Scandinavian design items to illustrate harmony and poise between our various cultures, and the relevance of our furniture pieces today, designed and manufactured, on average, 60 years ago. The collaboration with Skinny laMinx fabrics on the launch of their latest range is an example of this philosophy. It’s also a means of creating a mutually beneficial event and establishing a professional relationship, working together on increasing market awareness, especially in our currently challenging retail environment, where creative thinking in retail will contribute towards commercial success.



2 thoughts on “Skinny Laminx Flower Dreams at Space for Life

  1. I just love her prints! I’ve got a retro dining room set with old red vinyl that I want to recover and I’d love to use one of her grey patterned fabrics. Any suggestions where I can find her fabric in Durban?

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