House Call: Amy Ellenbogen

From the moment I started chatting to Amy, I knew this was going to be a hard intro to write.There isn’t really one way to describe what it is that Amy does. She’s currently using the title “creative consultant” because it allows her “to be a creative without pinning yourself down to one thing”. Which is good, because to pin Amy down to one thing would be a waste. From designing textiles and furniture to helping create conceptual creative spaces like Field Office and The Woodstock Foundry, Amy’s CV is endless. And it’s this creativity that is so clearly reflected in her living space. Warm, personal, intimate – visiting Amy’s apartment felt like going home. (Except a much more fab version). We drank tea, chatted about curating and craft, she showed me her favourite websites and her process work – A2 books filled with all the images that inspire and inform her work. Here are some pics I snapped along the way.


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