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This is Amy, she makes and designs really beautiful clothing under her label Jane Sews. I asked her a few quetsions for this post and I have included pictures of her latest collection, which I think is too too pretty. But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself.

Hi Amy and thanks for answering my questions…

How long has Jane Sews been going? It has been going for just a little over a year now.

Where are you based? I was in Johannesburg, but recently I moved to Durban.

Where did you study? LISOF Rosebank campus.

Have you always wanted to design clothes? Was it something that you knew you were destined to do? I’ve always loved having fun with clothes, then unexpectedly and to my surprise I found myself designing them, and since then I feel the sense of destiny.

Did you dress your unsuspecting animals up in dolls clothes when you were a kid? You did, didn’t you? Ha haaa Ang! No. I was too busy dressing myself up, we had the greatest dress up cupboard when I was growing up, with strange hand-me-downs and used ball gowns.

What era do your think influences your designs? Oh man. I think everything about past eras is so rich in beauty and authenticity, it’s hard to stick to a specific era, but at the moment i’m inspired by the 20′s, 40′s and 70′s.

If you were to describe your current range as genre of music, what would it be? Very cool question :) the genre belongs to this songFeatherstone

What type of person do you picture when you are designing your clothes? I like to think of an attitude/feeling rather than a person. Like a bold confidence versus a daydreamer’s nostalgia.

Are you all for color blocking or pattern clashing? Pattern clashing AND colour blocking. Do I have to choose one….. pattern clashing!

Do you want to run up to people and high-5 them when you see them wearing your clothes? Yes!

Where can one buy your clothes from? Do you have an online store? Mungo and Jemima, Mr. and Mrs, Mememe, Msc boutique, I heart market and my online store coming soon.

If I had to make up a nice little room for you in my flat, will you come and live with me and make me clothes all the time? I will bake you cakes all day if you do. I promise. I like chocolate fondant, can you make that?

Amy also has a very talented husband named Zak, he has also just bought out a new mens range called Sergeant Pepper, it will be available instore and online very very soon. If you want to check out more of his stuff too, click here….

Thanks Amy Ams x


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