Studio visit with Justin Southey

Justin Southey is a multi disciplinary artist who’s work covers many different mediums and stylistic variations. I took some photo’s at his studio in Woodstock, Cape Town and asked him a few questions.

What did you think you would do career wise as you were growing up?

I’m not quite sure, I think I would have been quite content to be a professional Lego builder. But also, as long as I can remember, I have made things, collected things, and tried to make beauty out of stuff that wasn’t beautiful to begin with.

What are where did you study?

I studied at Stellenbosch Academy of Graphic design and photography, where Majored in Photography. I graduated Cum Laud with a Degree in Applied Design

Tell us about your studio space.

I live and work in the studio in Woodstock and also share the space with with Bruce Mackay and Paul Senyol, both amazing creatives who I admire greatly.

You do different things from working with wood, to painting to illustration, is it possible to pick your favourite thing to do? or do you just enjoy all creative things?

Wow, I don’t really know how to box things, so I tend to just be creative everywhere, and enjoy it all. I love being creative in everything I do, because that is who God has made me. I get as much satisfaction from getting creative in the kitchen and making something delicious out of the ingredients in my fridge as I do when I finish a painting etc.

I couldn’t help but notice the guitar. How well do you play and when? 

I enjoy playing, but enjoy writing and singing way more. I don’t journal, so writing songs is a cool way in which I can reflect on stuff.

What is your favourite job that you have done to date?

As an Illustrator It would probably be between a job I did last year for a dutch paper company, Revive, or the 2010 Tuffy Campaign I did with Saatchi and Saatchi. As an artist however every day and every painting is a new dive bomb into the pool of creativity.

Name some of your favourite books or authors.

Well, I really love kids books. Dr Seuss, and Richard Scary and Piet Grobler are all amazing, but apart from that I love the fantasy genre, Cs Lewis, David Eddings, JRR Tolkien etc

What would we find on your play list at the moment?

Ummm, don’t know if I can give you songs, but I’ll give you artists, I’d say Mumford and sons,  Bon Iver, Josh Garrels, The tallest man on earth and United Pursuit band.



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