Lauren Fowler studio visit

Lauren Fowler  is a Cape Town based graphic designer, illustrator and maker of out of this world amazing cross stitch designs and jewellery. I went to visit her studio in Woodstock to see where it all happens.

If not an illustrator, thing maker and singer/artist, what else could you see yourself doing for a living?
That’s a tough one. I’m very organised when it comes to other people’s affairs, not my own. I was a PA for a while, so I guess I’d do that.


Tell us about your tattoos, why you love them and the who designed then for you? 
Most of them are designed by David Chaston from Cape Electric Tattoo. I love them because it’s like wearing your favourite t-shirt everyday.

Where do you get your inspiration for your beautiful cross-stitch pieces?
I suppose they just pop into my head like most things do.


Tell us a about your music? How often do you play your guitar?
Not often enough! My music has taken a serious back seat this year. Maybe next year I’ll start up again. It’s such a big commitment and something you can’t force or rush through.

When did you love affair with your bicycle start?
I bought a bicycle a couple of years ago to commute between Kalk bay and muizenberg. I’ve kept that bicycle and mostly ride between my studio in Woodstock and meetings in town.

What is the favourite part of your day?
I like the feeling of walking into my studio first thing in the morning and feeling inspired to make stuff and get things done.

Do you have a favourite thing do draw? and if so why?
I like to draw plants and leaves. I like drawing them repetitively whilst I think.

Name 5 artists/bands that we will find on your playlist at the moment.
Buke and Gase
The Kills
Red Hot Chilli Peppers greatest hits
Arcade Fire



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