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I was recently contacted by foreign magazine publications last week who came across my personal blog The Expressionist & asked me for some published as well as unpublished orginal South African Street Style. I had to oblige of course and send them an assortment of photographs I’ve taken in the past year of my photographic journey (yes, I’ve only been shooting for a year, I’m a newbie). So here they are, you may recognize one or two photographs from here but I essentially chose never-before-seen content. Hanger Magazine is a fashion magazine under Juice Malaysia ( Hanger is a biannual publication, and is available all around Malaysia. Blonde Magazine is a german magazine for fashion and design that was looking to showcase what Africa has to offer in terms of style. 


4 thoughts on “The Expressionist Street Style | Hanger & Blonde Magazine

  1. I am absolutely in love with the colors in the pictures you took. My absolute favorite would have to be the men in the maroon suit, fedora and suitcase. HANGER MAGAZINE is honored to feature talented people such as yourself.

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