Flower Safari

Flower Safari was a group show hosted at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock last week. The exhibition showcased the work of local artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers and makers-of-pretty things including clothes by Take Care, jewelry by Dear Rae and art by Elsabe Milandri and Amy Ellenbogen to name a few. My personal favourite was the collection of angular flower stands created by Marc & Lyall of Thingking. Lit by floral wreaths and accompanied by g&t’s, the show provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic night in the city.


5 thoughts on “Flower Safari

  1. The exhibition will be showcased at Let There Be Light Studios, Side Street Studios, 48 Albert Road, Woodstock until 25th November 2012 so please do feel free to come have a look. The Studio is open daily from 10am until 3pm (Mon – Sat).

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