The Expressionist | Video & Photo Montage for 2012

In December of last year I bought a camera and just started shooting anything and everything and I'm elated to say it's lead me to where I am right now, a full year later. ere is a video montage I compiled last night with some of the work I did in 2012 as well as some sneak peek footage of content coming in 2013. View Article

Book of the Week: Cabinets of Wonder

This book showcases the exceptional cabinets of wonder found in todays private homes and museums, as well as the work of artists who are influenced by this spirit of collecting. Exploring the storied history, the best known collectors, and the types of objects typically displayed, Cabinets of Wonder offers an extravagantly illustrated tour of a wonderfully odd and illuminating world. View Article


I'm a sock person. So when I met Alison and she told me that she and a friend were starting a bespoke sock company I got really, really excited... View Article

Angus and Celeste Ceramics

I am currently constructing a hanging and epiphyte garden extravaganza at my house and just happened to come across these amazing ceramic hanging planters- they are seriously beautiful and would be so perfect. They are made by Angus & Celeste, who are a design partnership from Melbourne Australia. They also have an amazing range of ceramic and wood jewelry, so be sure to check out
View Article

The Photo & Film Expo | Acrobatic and aerial show

About a month or two ago I attended the Photo & Film Expo in Johannesburg to see what new equipment the likes of Nikon and Canon had on show. It was a really interesting experience, I usually never leave home with my camera and as a result, I was fortunate to photograph an acrobatic and aerial show whilst I was there. It was something different that I hadn’t seen in the flesh before so I decided to capture the moment. View Article

Book of the Week: Ruud van Empel Photoworks

In the 80's Ruud studied graphic design, worked as a creative designer of theatre decor and was the artistic director of various television and film productions, he also produced posters for films, cultural programmes and organizations. In the mid-nineties, he decided to develop himself further as a visual artist and started working on his complex process of photography and photographic manipulation in Photoshop. This book showcases his work from 1995-2010 View Article

Postcards From Molotia by The Blackheart Gang

The Blackheart Gang is a collaboration between Ree Treweek and Markus Wormstorm. They think of themselves as archivists documenting the realms of the imagination. Over the last ten years they have explored many such worlds, documenting them through music, animation, prints, etchings and sculptures. View Article

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler started his life as a potter. With a love for ceramics and design, he slowly grew his range of products to include furniture and every thing else you could ever need to make your home fabulous. In 2002 he started taking on interior design projects and has since introduced the world to his ridiculously cool style. In case you hadn't noticed- I am a fan and hope to one day real soon have a swanky 'Adleresk' home but for now- here are some of his previous projects. View Article

Topshop x Topman | Store Launch & Street style

As promised, here is the video of the Topshop & Topman store launch that happened in Sandton recently. Durban and Cape Town are set to have their own stores in the not-to-distant future. Have a look-see and share a thought of what you think about the merchandise. The clothes are on trend with What's in-store the world over in other Topshop and Topman store locales. View Article

On My Radar: South African Street Style feat. Topshop

I was recently at Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein South Africa and ran into the Topshop & Topman street team. Very cool individuals, dressed to the nines in Topshop gear, I took the liberty to capture some of their style. View Article

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