Flower Safari

Flower Safari was a group show hosted at the Side Street Studios in Woodstock last week. The exhibition showcased the work of local artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers and makers-of-pretty things... View Article

Philip Bloom’s South African Documentaries

For the past 23+ years Philip Bloom has been pursuing his passion as a filmmaker and director. He considers himself one of the new breed of digital cinematographers. Over the past 5 years he has become one of the leading world evangelists for the low budget film look, using cameras like the Canon 5DmkII and more recently the Panasonic AF100 and Sony F3. Philip has been in South Africa for the past month doing a series of workshops in JHB, Cape Town and Durban. While he was here he decided to make a short documentary in each of the towns he visited and here they are... View Article

On My Radar: Shades of South Africa

I've started filming and shooting a series of photographs/videos called "Shades of South Africa". The title is purposefully ambiguous. The idea behind this concept is to showcase the diversity of people in South Africa in terms of race, culture, style and background... View Article


PICHULIK accessories have been making a big impact on the local fashion scene of late- they are bright and bold and beautifully crafted, a nice departure from all the delicate pastels of the last few months. I asked Katherine a few questions about her amazing life so far and how she got this latest project started. View Article

Chandler House

Michael Chandler is an East-London-born Capetonian and the man behind Chandler House. Chandler House produces ceramics, decorative arts, furniture, jewellery, lighting and linen - all designed by Michael who, despite not having taken art or design as a subject at school, nutured his artistic talents through an Honours in Art History from UCT and a stint at the prestigious Fine and Decorative Arts Auction House, Stephan Welz Sotheby's. I visited his work space to see where the magic happens and to chat about art, love, design, culture, astrology and aesthetics. View Article

Book of the Week: Candida Hofer, A Monograph

Candida Höfer is a German photographer and a former student of Bernd and Hilla Becher. She began taking color photographs of interiors of public buildings, such as offices, banks, and waiting rooms, in 1979 while studying in Düsseldorf. Höfer's work is known for technical perfection and a strictly conceptual approach.

View Article

Guest Post by Kudi Maradzika: An Interview with Tailor

With a sound that is easily comparable to a modern day South African Kate Bush, tinged with a dash Florence Walsh’s ethereal appeal and with lyrical skill reminiscent to the likes of Alanis Morisette, Tailor has recently made waves in the South African music scene with her eclectic and infectious sound. Her most notable track Wolf, off her debut album The Dark Horse is a song filled with sweeping emotional angsty crescendos, bold and dramatic musical arrangements and a distinctively folksy guitar sound, an aural aesthetic that translates throughout the album. I recently caught up with the singer... View Article

STR CRD x The Expressionist 2012

t As promised, here is the video and an additional set of photographs from the STR CRD event I attended last weekend. I had a great time, meeting new people, seeing new brands and generally sharing in an inexplicably new experience. A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let them do the rest of the talking. View Article


I attended the urban youth culture event dubbed STR CRD (but where are the vowels you ask? Duh, cool kids don't need vowels. Ever.) and captured some of the moments from this years event. It all happened in Johannesburg for the second year in a row (previously in Cape Town) so I'm hoping Durban too gets some love from the organizers next year. View Article

On My Radar

So many wonderful things on the internet lately. Solange's video shot in Cape Town, Fashion Week Street Style, Lana for H&M, a genius mash-up from Miss Moss & the ultimate love story. Enjoy! View Article

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