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On my radar: The Expressionist Photography

Well this is my final post for 2012 for "It's What I'm Into" & what a year it has been as I'm sure many of you will attest too. This time last year I'd just bought my camera and it was the end of a year but the beginning of my 'career' as a photographer/videographer. View Article

The Expressionist | Video & Photo Montage for 2012

In December of last year I bought a camera and just started shooting anything and everything and I'm elated to say it's lead me to where I am right now, a full year later. ere is a video montage I compiled last night with some of the work I did in 2012 as well as some sneak peek footage of content coming in 2013. View Article


I attended the urban youth culture event dubbed STR CRD (but where are the vowels you ask? Duh, cool kids don't need vowels. Ever.) and captured some of the moments from this years event. It all happened in Johannesburg for the second year in a row (previously in Cape Town) so I'm hoping Durban too gets some love from the organizers next year. View Article

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